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SuperFlow Engine Dyno-In House

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Dennis Maurer
Serving  MOPAR high-performance needs for over 30 years

Maurers Performance uses the latest machine equipment for your
racing and high performance projects.  

Dennis brings a lifetime of real racing and machine shop experience
into play for your racing and High Performance needs.
114 South River Drive   Tempe,AZ  85281
Your MOPAR Specialist
At MAURER’S PERFORMANCE, all services are done in-house. I can provide you with
all your MOPAR needs.  From building complete engines, (Racing, RV, Towing,
Restoration, Daily Drivers) to complete block and cylinder head machining, rod
reconditioning, engine balancing, engine blueprinting, rear end, and transmission

We have recently added a SuperFlow engine dyno for research and development as
well as engine brake-in and verification.

I am a dealer for MOPAR Performance, INDY cylinder head, Turbo Action, BHJ
Balancer, and Comp Cams. I specialize in stroker motors -- big and small blocks. I
have several different combinations, based on

You know the old saying.........
Speed costs money, so how fast do you want to go?

Make sure your money is well spent!