About Dennis Maurer
In 1978 I raced a 1965 426 Dodge Cornet in Super Stock also.  I set the SS/CA record in 1978 at  
10.09 / 133.68 MPH.

In 1979, I raced a 1974 Duster in A/SM for two years, with a 395 C.I. Small block and did quite
well.   It was the first successful automatic transmission car in the Super Modified Category.

In 1981, friend and customer Mike Musso won Super Gas at Indy in a Plymouth Arrow using a
Maurer Engine and transmission.  

In 1986, I built a Dodge Daytona and ran Super Gas and Super Comp. Presently, I'm racing a
Dodge Sport in Pro, with a 416 C.I. small block, running 10 teens  130 MPH using a
Thermo Quad carburetor.
114 South River Drive   Tempe,AZ  85281
I have been associated with, and
raced MOPAR since 1967.  I was
married to Judy Lilly and we raced
professionally for 11 years.  I did all
of the engine work, for her  1968
426 Hemi Barracuda and later a
1974 360 Duster in Super Stock.
Judy did very well.  She won many
Divisional & National events.  Judy won
seven (7) straight divisional races and to
my knowledge that  record still stands.
Photo Use With Permission © Mike Spenner, AutoGraph Productions
(LEFT) Mike Spenner captured Dennis Maurer just leaving the starting line at the 1995 MoPAR Mile
High Nationals at Denver's Bandimere Speedway...notice the wrinkled rear slicks! Dennis is
driving his own 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo-Z NHRA Super/Comp hot rod. Notice the "709" on the
window, indicating that in 1995 Dennis was residing in Arizona and was racing regularly in
Division-7 in the desert Southwest. Also, notice that MAURER's PERFORMANCE is the
sponsor...wonder if the folks down in Arizona realize this guy is a Colorado racing legend with his
former driver, Ms. Lilly? Pretty car. Great photo, Mike!
Mike Musso
Photo from Super Stock & Drag Illustrated 02/82, Photo by Dave Milcarek
(ABOVE) This is Mike Musso's ARROW DYNAMICS Super/Gas Plymouth Arrow racing at the 1981
NHRA Indy Nationals, where it set low E.T. in division. Notice that some kat by the name of "Maurer"
was involved with the car in a big way....gee, where have I heard that name before? Also, it appears
that Bob Joffer layed on the pigment and artwork.
Photo from Popular Hot Rodding Magazine 02/79, Photo by Mike Parris
(ABOVE & BELOW) Dennis Maurer won the 1978 Mile High Nationals at Bandimere Speedway in this
"plain jane" yellow 1974 Plymouth Duster B/SM. Maurer's milquetoast appearing MoPar would run
11-flat at 120+-mph, which was not much slower than their SS/AA Hemicuda was running a few years
earlier. Super Modified was a class that was to be the replacement for the old Modified Production
category. The car had a 355-inch small-block MoPar wedge, and an automatic tranny, which gave the
car a weight-break. Notice VERLE STEVENS lettered on the rear quarter below. In this era, Dennis
was also wrenching on Judy Lilly's SS/LA MISS MIGHTY MOPAR Volare Super Stocker. I wonder if
this was the old Judy Lilly MISS MIGHTY MOPAR Duster or a new car?

Photo from Super Stock & Drag Illustrated 11/92, Photo by Ted Struse

Dennis Maurer - Denver, CO
Photo from Popular Hot Rodding Magazine 02/79, Photo by Mike Parris